Hey there! As we get closer to the school break, we wanted to tell you about some cool things you can do outside.

Spending time in nature is awesome for your mind and body – it can help you feel less stressed and happier overall.

As a young person, spending time in nature can have a profoundly positive impact on your mental and physical well-being. The fresh air and wide open spaces can help to clear your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. The natural beauty of the outdoors can also help to boost your mood and provide a sense of calm and peace.

Want to know some fun outdoor activities you can do in the UK?

Here are our top 10 ideas:

  1. Go for a hike – it’s like a fun adventure that also helps you stay healthy!
  2. Try camping – it’s a really cool way to get away from everything and be outside.
  3. See some wild animals – there are so many cool creatures to spot in the UK!
  4. Take a walk on the beach – you can find some really cool seashells, and it’s super relaxing.
  5. Go for a walk in the woods – it’s like taking a bath in nature, which can help you feel really good.
  6. Look for birds – there are a bunch of different kinds of birds in the UK, and they’re fun to watch.
  7. Try rock climbing – it’s like a puzzle you get to solve while being outside.
  8.  Go kayaking – you can paddle around and see some really cool stuff!
  9. Ride your bike – you can see lots of pretty things and get some exercise too.
  10. Have a picnic – it’s like having a little party outside!

So, do you think you’ll try any of these?

When engaging in certain activities, such as rock climbing, it is wise to seek professional guidance. Fortunately, there are excellent clubs available that cater to those seeking more challenging experiences. It is essential to prioritize safety and not hesitate to request assistance or guidance.

Whether you prefer trekking, camping, observing wildlife, or simply picnicking in the park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in nature. So, take time and reconnect with the natural world – your mind and body will be grateful!